Rent Projector & Projector Screen

Affordable projector and projector screen rental. Projector rental includes free delivery, set up and removal services at the end of your event. No GST charges. Available 24/7. Contact us anytime to book your projector and screen for your event or trade show.

Rent Projector & Projector Screen

Rent Projector 5000 Lumens

This projector allows you to leave the lights on while presenting. Engineered to shine in well-lit environments to enrich your presentation experience. This projector allows a wide variety of input methods so you can project Full HD content from a wide-range of devices./p>

Rent Projector Screen with Tripod Stand

Lightweight, portable and easy to set up. Adjustable height. Various sizes available. Fast delivery, setup and collection with rental of projector./p>

Rent Fastfold Projector Screen (Indoor / Outdoor)

Sturdy and great for large size venues with high ceiling or outdoor spaces. Comes with free delivery, setup and collection./p>

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