ATT-475 (Automated Turn Table)

ATT-475 (Automated Turn Table)

ATT-475 allows a ceiling mounted projector to be used for 2 screens. The motorized ATT-475 is designed to
turn 90 degree such that 2 screens mounted on different sides of the room can be projected selectively. This will save
space and eliminate the need for a second projector, hence reducing cost.
ATT-475 is one of the first of its kind in AV industry. It comes complete with a RF remote control and can also be
controlled by other room control system.

Features and Benefits…

  • Overall Dimension : 430mm(W) x 430mm(L) x 202mm(H)

  • Ceiling Opening : 364mm(W) x 310mm(L)

  • Load Weight up to : 50kg