Rent Touch Screen TV

Rent Touch Screen TV as an interactive display to better demo your product at Trade Shows or Summits. Fast delivery, setup and collection.

We provide TV rentals for all types of events in Singapore. From annual & executive general meetings, exhibitions, conventions, summits, weddings to private events. We are available 24/7 so contact us anytime. We would be more than happy to assist you.

🔴 Interactivity: Touch screen TVs allow for interactive experiences, enabling your audience to directly engage with the content displayed. They can touch, swipe, and interact with the screen, creating a more immersive and engaging environment.

🔴 Enhanced Engagement: By incorporating touch screen technology, you can captivate your audience and encourage active participation. Whether it’s through interactive presentations, games, or educational content, touch screen TVs can significantly boost engagement levels and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

🔴 Versatility: Touch screen TVs are incredibly versatile, accommodating various event types and purposes. They can be used for product demos, virtual tours, digital signage, wayfinding, surveys, and more. With a touch screen TV, you can customize and adapt the content to suit your specific event needs.

🔴 Easy Setup and Support: Renting a touch screen TV often comes with professional support and setup services. The rental company can assist with installation, configuration, and troubleshooting, ensuring that your event runs smoothly and hassle-free.

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Rent Touch Screen TV for Interactive Product Demos

Rent Touch Screen TV with HDMI output to your stage projector allowing you to demo applications and product in an interactive manner at sales summits, product launches and press conferences.

Simultaneously Output From Touchscreen To Event Projector

Project content on interactive touch screen to another large digital display in real time at your event, using Wi-Fi network or HDMI connection. Even connected to a personal device, the display can be shared. Ideal for large meeting environments, delivering information to bigger audiences.

Draw & write with Pen mode

Rental Touch Screen TV provides users with a smooth and familiar pen to paper writing experience in a variety of available colors, styles and widths. Up to 4 people can write simultaneously, using any object as a writing tool. In addition, users can quickly erase the drawings with finger or palm swipe.

Create Artwork with Brush mode

On brush mode, Samsung Flip Touch Screen TV recognizes a wide range of thicknesses, ensuring users can create art at the stroke of a brush. Water and oil painting modes allow different styles and textures, while the Flip also gives users a full, vibrant color palette, even allowing flexible color mixing.

Write on any background

Rented Touch Screen TV allows users to write on any background. By clicking the note layer button, users can write on any content displayed, without affecting any work behind the original layer.

Easy Touch Screen Navigation

Touch Screen TV has up to 20 pages of writing space per roll, allowing users to seamlessly scroll through pages. In addition, the touch screen TV ensures that confidential meeting information remains in the right hands. Its reinforced lock system allows users to safeguard sensitive content from view.

Multiple connection options

Versatile connection options. USB, HDMI, NFC and screen sharing capabilities enable optimum collaboration and provide interactive content visibility, notation and sharing. Rented touch screen offers a more powerful connectivity extension.

Easy Content Sharing

Sketched content from your event breakout room brainstorms can be easily saved and shared with event attendees. Distribute recaps to attendees, removing frustration traditionally associated with handwritten meeting notes. Important conversations and content are stored within the rented interactive TV in real-time, easily shareable across mobile and digital channels.

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